Installing Mono on the Pi

Why would I want c# on my Pi?

  1. C# can be cross platform using mono
  2. .NET will do all the work for you (ex: open sockets, manipulate strings, query databases, etc)
  3. Well written C# is pretty

I don’t know maybe it’s just useful to not have to re-write code in Java or Python.

BTW this is for Raspian, although you can probably figure out how to use it with other distributions.

First things first, got to be up to date

sudo apt-get update

Now get mono

sudo apt-get install mono-complete

Or if you just need the runtime

sudo apt-get install mono-runtime

It’s big so this may take some time on your Pi.

Once finished all you need to do is run an app in mono.

mono DMPServer.exe

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