Taking this WordPress site in another direction

Starting today, I am pivoting toward more hardware/software reviews. Most of my code projects as of late can’t be public and I really want to start writing on this blog.

Let’s start off on the right foot talking about LEDs.

Over the years I have bought several different types of LED lights and drivers. Let me dive in.

This first light I will review is the most recent. I was looking for a dimmable string light for a small vanity and stumbled on this. This is VERY BRIGHT and easy to dim using the pressure sensitive switch. For more info click here.

The next LEDs are for a bike. I actual bought 2 different sets. I’ll review both below.

I’ve been quite happy with the performance so far. I like that the charging port has a rubber surround, makes me feel confident that these could get splashed or rained on and stay dry. My last lights were not as streamlined as these. The form factor is perfect for road and mountain bikes. The light’s strap works on both my seat post and the seat stays which is really helpful. On my road bike, I typically carry gear under the seat so being able to strap these to the bars below frees up space. The LEDs are very bright and the blink patterns make sense. I prefer pattern 4 as it alternates and draws my attention from a distance. The fact that you can remove the light from the strap means I don’t have to reattach the strap every time for charging. I like that modularity.

The other set of LED lights for the bike have held up well. We’ve used these on adult and kid bikes. The batteries are built-in lithium so you can recharge them with USB. I haven’t seen much battery degradation since 2018. These produce 80lm each and the batteries are 650mAh.

This next set I bought right before Christmas. I was looking for a way to hang some really nice garland on the stairs for Christmas decorations. I had found unlit garland that was much nicer than the normal stuff you find at Hobby Lobby. The only issue was it was not lit. I added these lights and strung them around the garland and it completed the look perfected. For more info click the picture above.

I bought these for my parents as a gag gift. Turned out to be really useful for them when getting up in the middle of the night.

This next set of LEDs I’ve put in both of my cars. These are a massive improvement from the old halogen bulbs. They output 300lm and are 6000K color temperature.

The Jury is still out on these. While they use the same about of current, their starting current draws slightly more and this can be a bit of a problem. I love how bright they are and how they pair perfectly with the other lights above. These are also 6000K.

I had never heard of the DICN brand before buying a couple of these headlights. They have delivered results high above expectations. For $12.99 you can get quality bulbs. These LEDs use a heatsink and fan driver to dissipate heat from the LED lights. At 12000 lumens, these are legal in all 50 states. While these replaced some H11 sized lights in my SUV, these are also work for H8 and H9. Also by moving the plug off the back of the bulb, this makes installation SOO MUCH EASIER.

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