Smart upgrades for a Smart AirBNB

For the best Airbnb experience, consider installing the right devices to secure the space, make it more comfortable and make it easier to manage. Here are some top gadget ideas to turn your rental into an ideal Airbnb space.

Here are several essential upgrades and devices for an Airbnb hosts to consider.

Replace all lights with LED lights

Airbnb is a wonderful way to earn income from an extra room, guest house or second property, even if it’s not used by you or your family. Airbnb owners can use a variety of smart home technologies to reduce their costs and increase security. 

As a host, an intelligent lighting system has two main advantages. First, in the off-season, when your property is not rented out, you can set rules about which lights to turn on and off to make it look like a house. This prevents burglars and other uninvited visitors from looking into your property. You can also check if the lights are not on or off when guests leave the house, and control the lights using an app.

Motion Sensing Light switch for bathrooms

Alexa powered wall switches

4 pack single way switch
2 pack 3 way switch

Ceiling Fans

Creating a comfortable environment for your guests is easy with a few personal details such as a cozy heater. The installation of an intelligent thermostat takes control, convenience and convenience to the next level. A smart upgrade includes heating your Airbnb so guests feel comfortable as soon as they enter the door. By installing a smart thermostat in your Airbnb, you can make the decision to take full control of your heating. For added security, Airbnb owners know that you are always in control of the temperature set for your property. Instead of deactivating the temperature control with a physical thermostat, you retain sole control over the app.


If you have other Nest devices installed on your Airbnb, you can pair your locks with the app so you can monitor and adjust the settings on all your devices. If you want to buy more than one Nest Home device, there are integration options so that your smart devices can communicate with each other. An Airbnb host can have his or her location live at any time.

Entry Security

It also gives you the ability to manage your Airbnb to prevent secret parties taking place right under your nose. You can check the closing history of your door and lock and unlock 50 times in one night when a party is taking place.

It allows guests to enter and leave the property without having to think about the logistics of needing a key. The system uses a key code (a unique number generated for each arriving guest) and group controls to ensure a smooth arrival and departure process.


Make the garage door Alexa powered

One last critical step, home hardware is one of the least expensive upgrades that can really improve a newly renovated AirBNB. Here are some examples.

New Door Knobs

Outside Entry – 

Regular – 

Privacy –

Ceiling light

New Faucets

Guests left us five-star reviews after installing a good smart home device on Airbnb for our list. In return, our value and valuations soared. We found that they appreciated the convenience the device added.

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